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Radena N. Stankova almost 8 years ago
I cried so much in the end...
VS 4 months ago
Good nice movie to watch together. Bit sad, bit melancholic, played well
Sahar Bouzidi almost 2 years ago
Kinda heart-breaking. Liked it so much that I went on and read the book
Michael Cole over 2 years ago
Tries to be the Before Sunrise series, but fails
Rachelina Larasati 5 years ago
Open your eyes, for the true love you dream may be just right in front of you. My favs!!
Robyn Hamilton over 5 years ago
Even the few merits the book possessed are lost in this shoddy adaptation.
Marina Đukanović over 6 years ago
It lost me somewhere in the middle...
Alexandra Sundarsingh over 6 years ago
Everyone wishes to have this kind of unavoidable love, one day. Heart-wrenching.
georgie almost 7 years ago
this is totally heartbreaking and beautiful all at the same time. an excellent film.
Diana Riashko almost 7 years ago
Be careful, it will break your heart..
Lizzie almost 7 years ago
<3 <3 <3
Eric Guzman almost 7 years ago
one of the greates movies i have ever seen bejore, it chanched my life.
necl over 7 years ago
this is the worst romantic movie i've ever watched. don't waste ur time
Meryovi over 7 years ago
Pretty solid movie for a "romance."
Amr Adel over 7 years ago
No romance movies but this one , uuhhhm , that wasn't romance at all :)
Amira Mohamed over 7 years ago
I can relate to how the writer portrayed the fear of best friends' love,of disappointment.
Seeta Kaur Chamba 8 years ago
not to cheesy although the plot seems quite annoying, but it's a beautiful romance movie
Rui Moura 8 years ago
kat knight 2 months ago
Patricia 3 months ago
One Day is a film directed by Lone Scherfig. It was adapted by David Nicholls from his 2009 novel of the same name. It stars Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. Focus Features, which holds worldwide distribution rights (excluding UK free-TV, which is to be held by Film4), released the film theatrically in August 2011. "One Day" is a film based on the David Nicholls best-seller about a boy and girl (Emma and Dexter) who graduate from the University of Edinburgh on July 15, 1988, and spend the night together. The story follows them by dropping in on July 15th of their lives every year for 20 years. The film is a co-production between Random House Films and Focus Features. Film4 Productions is co-financing. Actress Anne Hathaway said she was clandestinely given the script as the film was set in the United Kingdom and director Scherfig wasn't looking for any American actresses for the part. Hathaway flew to London for a meeting with Scherfig to explain why she should get the part. Hathaway...
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