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Lino Monteiro over 2 years ago
Had potential, but completely squandered it. Incredibly stupid at times.
Michael Cole over 2 years ago
Less of a philosophical experiment and more of a role-playing game with a sadistic GM
Robyn Hamilton 5 years ago
Mind bogglingly insulting pseudo-intellectual, colossal bullshit.
Jordan Feurstein over 5 years ago
Not enough CG to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Many will dislike this film.
Juan Manuel almost 6 years ago
What a Waste of Time...
Káťa Vítová over 3 years ago
Svetechka Swiss over 3 years ago
Rebecca almost 5 years ago
Olja 5 years ago
Yuri Ramalho Calegari over 5 years ago
Meryovi almost 6 years ago
Dan Lovelace almost 6 years ago
Rachel Seller almost 6 years ago
Lucy Barbosa over 6 years ago
maste r mind over 6 years ago
Joulse over 6 years ago
Eka Febriana over 6 years ago
Jon Denver over 6 years ago
At an international school in Jakarta, a philosophy teacher challenges his class of twenty graduating seniors to choose which ten of them would take shelter underground and reboot the human race in the event of a nuclear apocalypse.
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