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Zoe Sak over 4 years ago
It's the best explanatory movie on a hard situation you'll see. It's fulfilling.
Jonathan Evans almost 5 years ago
Exquisite. That's all that need be said.
Kam-Hung Soh 5 years ago
Fear, prejudice and desperation in the early history of AIDS.
Natalie over 5 years ago
wait i actually really liked this
Damian Campo over 5 years ago
Excellent development. Deserved Oscar prize for best actor performance.
Agus Echagüe over 5 years ago
You will be unable to not cry. You've been warned.
Sedefnur Şahin almost 6 years ago
great acting!
Adrienne Alair almost 6 years ago
Good acting, great sound design, plot left something to be desired.
Tony Gandía almost 6 years ago
More enjoyable as a tour-de-force acting piece than a fully-realized film but Bravo!
Gabi Lener 6 years ago
Amazing acting, a must watch
georgie over 6 years ago
great plot and superb acting all around
Grant davies over 6 years ago
Great story. outstanding acting by MM.
Dushan Hanuska over 6 years ago
Amazing performances!
Christopher Leno over 6 years ago
Brilliant, emotional and heart wrenching.
Alexandra Sundarsingh over 6 years ago
Difficult, and brilliant. Well acted.
wayupnorth over 6 years ago
Brilliant - and sad. McConaughey and Jared Leto nail it.
Griffin Maurer over 6 years ago
McConaughey and Leto steal the show in this heavy film about desperation and survival.
Edsel Dope over 6 years ago
An uplifting story of undying hope and unlikely heroism. McConaughey nailed it!!!!
Michael Cole over 6 years ago
Certainly has no love for drug manufacturers and research
hot dreams over 6 years ago
McConaughey is shockingly amazing. Easy to get invested in characters and story. Moving.
Loosely based on the true-life tale of Ron Woodroof, a drug taking, women loving, homophobic man who, in 1986 was diagnosed with full blown HIV/AIDS and given thirty days to live.
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