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Ryan Boucher 6 months ago
The first part with a drifter wandering around was good. Then it was all kaboom and zap!
Claudia González over 1 year ago
It gave depth and complexity to Superman. This movie made me respect the character.
Johnny Nys 2 years ago
Quite entertaining. At least now I understand what was going on in Batman V Superman :)
Leonard 2 years ago
Not really bad, but very bland and forgettable.
Kosala Liyanage 2 years ago
Leif Jacobson almost 3 years ago
Problematic in several ways, but with enough virtues to leave hope for the future.
Dónal Kennedy 3 years ago
Sterile, heartless reboot with ideas far above its station.
Jerrell over 3 years ago
This movie is done incredibly well. Face paced and beautiful action scenes.
Lindy Oates over 3 years ago
Its intense which is a nice tone for Superman. No more Mister Nice Kal-El
Tony Gandía over 3 years ago
The film just struggles. You can feel the film struggling."Steel" labors to be interesting
Ay Lin over 3 years ago
Surprisingly way better than expected. It made me even overlook the heavy use of combat.
Thomas Jennings over 3 years ago
It is a tale. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.
Ian Love over 3 years ago
It's just not very good. Shortest review ever.
Nino D 4 years ago
Better than the last reboot but this is no Dark Knight, the aliens felt very fake
Nicholas Girault 4 years ago
A little long but it is definitely a really good movie. Very well done and epic!
Justin L. Clemons 4 years ago
Slow in the beginning but it comes around to be very electrifying.
Cody 4 years ago
Ugh...Superman....he just let that whole city be destroyed. At least the Avengers tried.
John Alexander Murillo Fonseca 4 years ago
I'm an ilegal immigrant raised in Kanzas, I'm as american as it gets.. good Fx and Visuals
István Huszár 4 years ago
Cavill makes a great Superman. Surprisingly enjoyable, considering other DC movies.
Fernando Olivas 4 years ago
Best part of the movie? Antje (Faora) fighting scenes.
Superman: Man of Steel is a 2012 action, adventure, fantasy film written by David S. Goyer and directed by Zack Snyder .
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