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Tadas Tamošauskas over 4 years ago
Yalini 1 year ago
Nice movie I remember watching this at my tuition centre.
Sasha almost 3 years ago
Funny and great 80's flashbacks.
Freddie Kay over 3 years ago
"ending was rather poor"
Leonard 4 years ago
Don't take it too seriously and it's generally entertaining. Nice B-grade comedy.
VK 4 years ago
Danial Pearce 4 years ago
Typical Sandler. Classic case of "how can i kiss a hot chick on screen".
Daniel Jones over 4 years ago
Predictable, moderately funny, but a total nostalgia trip. Not as bad as they say.
Jake Boone over 1 year ago
István Földházi almost 2 years ago
Flo HM 2 years ago
Damian Campo almost 3 years ago
Dan over 3 years ago
Manu over 3 years ago
Káťa Vítová almost 4 years ago
İlke İzgi almost 4 years ago
Edsel Dope almost 4 years ago
Ben Dauphinee 4 years ago
Luis Uribe 4 years ago
Denise Lau 4 years ago
Video game experts are recruited by the military to fight 1980s-era video game characters who've attacked New York.
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