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usermame over 4 years ago
Great chasing!
Amr Adel 2 months ago
Sohom Chakrabarty over 2 years ago
EGORAL over 2 years ago
Daniela Cunha over 2 years ago
Nino Vignjevic almost 3 years ago
Julian Rodriguez almost 5 years ago
Kam-Hung Soh almost 5 years ago
Daniela 5 years ago
Debbie Bowers over 5 years ago
rockway250 almost 6 years ago
Jim Barton almost 6 years ago
siy 6 years ago
Ralph Wilson over 6 years ago
Facu Leiva-Freytes over 6 years ago
Fares Ben Abbes over 6 years ago
Matt Crowther over 6 years ago
The Chaser (Korean: 추격자 Chugyeogja) is a 2008 South Korean thriller film starring Kim Yoon-seok and Ha Jeong-woo. It was directed by Na Hong-jin in his directional debut. The film, which was inspired by Korean serial killer Yoo Young-chul, was shot on location around Mangwon in the Mapo-gu district, Seoul. Eom Joong-ho is a dishonest, ex-detective turned pimp who is in financial trouble because two of his girls have gone missing. One night he sends Mi-Jin, one of his few remaining girls to a customer. But he later realises that this is the same person who was the last to see his missing girls. Believing that this man is reselling his women, he goes to look for Mi-Jin. On the way he contacts his old police task force to ask for some help. But they cannot assist because the Mayor of Seoul, who they are guarding, has just been attacked with human feces during a walkabout. The police are now preoccupied with a media storm because they have suffered humiliation for failing to protect the...
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