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Green Wizard 2 years ago
the truth is here
Eric Brainard 1 year ago
I love this movie! Being invaded by things only seen through glasses. Classic.
Charlie Alcock over 1 year ago
'Well, they ain't from Cleveland.'
Kayley Sage 2 years ago
The quote to end all quotes!
Robert Stuart 4 years ago
"I've come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass" - Rowdy Roddy Piper
Eddie Ace Heitmann over 4 years ago
A classic concept that aliens are among us and butch men save the day with guns.
JustinMFnTime over 5 years ago
A great satire on just about everything current in any media outlet. Watch and Enjoy!
toakyro almost 6 years ago
Very interesting concept philosophicaly, a classic imo, direction-acting wise its..bad
James Van almost 6 years ago
Satire's a little over-the-top, but so is the whole movie. A really good time
Henke 6 years ago
Great Roddy Piper flick by Carpenter.
Jason Smith 6 years ago
A lot deeper than it seems, read Jonathan Lethem's critical reading on Deep Focus
Tony Gandía 6 years ago
"They Live" is one of those films you've gotta see if you appreciate B-films in any way.
Jake Barlow over 6 years ago
Could have used a few more teeth in the biting satire...overall cheesy but fun.
Evan Light over 6 years ago
Cult classic. I am here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and I'm all out of bubblegum.
Kakra over 6 years ago
Jaya Wardono over 6 years ago
Classic sci-fi horror
Peter Renshaw over 6 years ago
Petar Mate almost 7 years ago
I love this movie! I wanna good remake...
Elliot Slade almost 7 years ago
political underlying themes here makes us look at the world and think "its quite similar"
Don Lathrop 1 month ago
They Live is a 1988 science fiction/horror film directed by John Carpenter, who also wrote the screenplay under the pseudonym Frank Armitage (this is the name of one of the characters in the movie). Part science fiction horror and part dark comedy, the film echoed contemporary fears of a declining economy, within a culture of greed and conspicuous consumption common among Americans in the 1980s. In They Live, the ruling class within the moneyed elite are in fact aliens managing human social affairs through the use of a signal on top of the TV broadcast that is concealing their appearance and subliminal messages in mass media. The story revolves around a nameless man referred to as "Nada" (Roddy Piper), a quiet drifter who finds work on a Los Angeles construction site. One of the workers, Frank Armitage (Keith David), takes him to a local shantytown. After eating at the soup kitchen and spending the night, he notices odd behavior at the small church across the street. Investigating, he...
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