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Kyle Birrer over 4 years ago
Does not stand well compared to the likes of Pineapple express and super bad
Michael Cole almost 3 years ago
Without Franco's lines, there would be hardly anything to laugh at.
Freddie Kay 3 years ago
"Silly, controversial comedy that had me in stitches"
Denton McCabe over 3 years ago
Pretty hilarious.
Paul Lanoue over 3 years ago
lots of hype but watchable.
Leonard over 3 years ago
Fairy amusing comedy, good acting
Henke 4 years ago
i had to high hopes :\
Kosala Liyanage 4 years ago
Mildly funny.
Anastasia Loule over 4 years ago
Sick & disgusting!
Zack Guard over 4 years ago
Frankly this was shit.
Leif Jacobson over 4 years ago
Another outing from Rogen and Franco, not unlike other outings from Rogen and Franco.
Jack Genius over 4 years ago
I though it would be more funny and their movies are usually hilarious. This is just crap.
Lachie Munro over 4 years ago
Better than expected. Interesting story that takes a lot of twists while staying funny.
Franco Metz over 4 years ago
This is totally my humor. dump, dark and idiotic! there should be more movies like this!
Becky over 4 years ago
Juvenile but some solid laughs. A fine (if infantile) middle finger to Kim Jong-un.
Lowfill Tarmak over 4 years ago
It works for what it is done. A lot of nonsense laugh
Robyn Hamilton over 4 years ago
International relations are hard, comedy is harder...
Tim over 4 years ago
Für die große Aufregung eher enttäuschend. Einer der schwächeren Rogan/Franco Filme.
janvanham over 4 years ago
Homer Triantafyllou over 4 years ago
This film had some good marketing strategy going on propably better than the movie itself.
Jonathan Prince over 4 years ago
Underwhelmed most of the time. A few laughs though.
Dave Skylark is king of the celebrity interview and host of the hit night time talk show "Skylark Tonight." The brain behind Dave's empire is his producer and best friend, Aaron Rapoport. Unfulfilled, Aaron yearns to do meaningful work. He scores the chance of a lifetime when he secures an interview for Dave with Kim Jong-Un, the mysterious and ruthless dictator of a nuclear-armed North Korea. As Dave and Aaron prepare to leave for North Korea, they are approached by the CIA and asked to assassinate Kim. They accept the mission, becoming two of the least qualified men ever to assassinate – or interview – the most dangerous man on earth.
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