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Sebastian Haselbeck over 5 years ago
Luciana Ducceschi almost 2 years ago
A wonderful character based dark comedy with excellent acting from the ensemble cast
Michael Cole 3 years ago
Wanted to like this movie more than I did; great cast and some interesting characters
Denton McCabe almost 4 years ago
Some good laughs. Decent story. Great actors. I'd watch it again or show it to a date!
Bob Lockett 4 years ago
Great film. Brilliant performances and eminently quotable.
Leonard over 4 years ago
strange but at times entertaining
OmarQadanأبو البِشْر over 4 years ago
Interesting plot indeed
Christopher Leno over 4 years ago
A brilliant cast and a fantastically funny and entertaining film.
Joseph Pfahler III over 5 years ago
a great dark comedy and my most favorite film ever
Nate Baumgartner almost 6 years ago
Acting was good, I just didn't get it.
Derek Cutlip almost 6 years ago
A different style of dark cutthroat comedy. Excellent story.
Neil Cooke almost 6 years ago
Loved it. Funny.Deep.Dark. Great performances & well filmed. All good. Go see it.
Tori Randall 6 years ago
Another gem from Martin McDonagh. Dark, unexpected, and hilarious.
Frederik Værum Olesen 6 years ago
Really funny moments when the clichés is turned upside down. Great film n great charakters
Nate McBean 6 years ago
Confusingly funny. Not "haha" funny more like "interesting" funny.
Love. 6 years ago
I thought it was really emotional... good, though
Grant davies 6 years ago
very good film
Gareth Davies 6 years ago
Its ok, with a funny little story line that keeps you wanting to see what transpires.
Sebastian von Conrad over 6 years ago
Very entertaining, great acting performances--especially from Sam Rockwell.
bethswald over 6 years ago
Too, too postmodern. Great discussion piece but I spent much of the film wanting it to end
István Huszár over 6 years ago
Starts out very slowly, but eventually becomes highly entertaining.
A screenwriter gets caught up in his pal's dog-kidnapping plot.
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