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Tara Moser over 6 years ago
very long movie do not understand the ending.
Sydney Stene 3 months ago
Well done character study with engaging set pieces -- expect Hollywood in its aviation.
Michael Cole 5 years ago
Alcoholism! Even awesome pilots have it!
Earnshaw Jean Louise 5 years ago
I didn't get into it very much, but it's a great movie with great performances.
janvanham over 5 years ago
This is your pilot slurring
Peter Renshaw over 5 years ago
I choose to drink & I blame myself I am happy too & you know why Because I choose to drink
nicole over 5 years ago
Wow. Gripping, sad, hopeful...exhausting.
ashley lee over 5 years ago
Denzel Washington is so damn good he will make you root for an alcoholic pilot.
Hugh McCann almost 6 years ago
A film about alcoholism, very little side story about amazing pilot skillz!
Paula Maddern 6 years ago
Started well but lost it's way. Could have developed into a great court room drama.
Andrew Julian 6 years ago
Really enjoyed this movie. Denzel was great, the dichotomy of the flawed hero fascinating.
Wayne Wilde over 6 years ago
Moral of the story-being true to yourself is the priority but cocaine can help you do shit
Robert Postill over 6 years ago
You see the end coming a mile off but Denzel drags it to respectability.
Kirsten Hildonen over 6 years ago
Bravura performance by Washington in an otherwise conventional movie.
Neil Cooke over 6 years ago
Denzel, great. Flight/crash scene, great. The rest was a little frustrating & somber.
Cory Van Dorn over 6 years ago
Shocking. Quite a good look at alcoholism and what it does to a life. Very emotional
Tyler Langan over 6 years ago
Training day likes booze, crashes plane into church. This upsets people.
Jonas Bergler over 6 years ago
Entertaining, but in a non-sensical dumbed down but this is so awesome kind of a way.
Ben Emmel almost 7 years ago
Addiction makes you do some shit. Denzel rocks it, though.
Agus Echagüe almost 7 years ago
The 10-minute-flight-scene is UNBELIEVABLE. The rest is believable and not so good.
An airline pilot saves a flight from crashing, but an investigation into the malfunctions reveals something troubling.
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