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Mobina almost 7 years ago
Funny & amazing
Aaron Jones over 3 years ago
Masterpiece; Chaplin's early take on possibilities of sound in otherwise silent film
Damian Campo over 5 years ago
Classic film that has everything. Comedy scenes, love, money problems... A masterpiece!
Ryan Boucher over 6 years ago
This film aged wonderfully
Austin almost 7 years ago
This is an unquestionable masterpiece.
Lindy Oates almost 7 years ago
Very sweet, extremely well made. Good use of title cards.
Gernot Ownership 7 years ago
The very definition of "mildly entertaining."
Kenneth Chisholm almost 8 years ago
Rather maudlin at times, but Chaplin's knowing humor and heart shines through.
Mobina Parvaneh over 3 years ago
Rachel Marshall over 3 years ago
Milda 4 years ago
David West over 4 years ago
Ray X over 4 years ago
Noah Rymer over 4 years ago
Sina Bakhshandeh over 4 years ago
Schalk Neethling almost 5 years ago
Andrew Dennison almost 5 years ago
Nicole McKeon 5 years ago
Luis Uribe over 5 years ago
James 6 years ago
City Lights is a 1931 American silent film and romantic comedy-drama written by, directed by, and starring Charlie Chaplin. It also has the leads Virginia Cherrill and Harry Myers. Although "talking" pictures were on the rise since 1928, City Lights was immediately popular. Today, it is thought of as one of the highest accomplishments of Chaplin's prolific career. Although classified as a comedy, City Lights has an ending widely regarded as one of the most moving in cinema history. The officials of a city are dedicating a new statue, but when it is unveiled, Chaplin's Tramp is discovered sleeping on it. He is chased off by the crowd. Destitute and homeless he wanders the streets, getting tormented by two newsboys. He happens upon a blind Flower Girl (Virginia Cherrill), and buys a flower. Just when she is about to give him his change, a man gets into a nearby car and drives away, making her think the Tramp has driven off. The Tramp doesn't correct her and slinks away. The Flower Girl...
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