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Pieter Peach over 6 years ago
For the Braindead and Army of Darkness afficionados
Noah Rymer over 3 years ago
the single most bat-shit crazy action movie you will ever see. Lots of gore.
Mikus Zeberiņš over 3 years ago
straight up batshit cray cray
Robert Stuart 4 years ago
The kung fu version of "Dead Alive". So batshit crazy!
Henke over 5 years ago
Crazy movie
Poopy Sandra 6 years ago
Matthew Smith 6 years ago
Blake Grant 6 years ago
Josh Sanchez 6 years ago
Joe Atamaniuk almost 7 years ago
Dylan Egan almost 7 years ago
Randy Dumont almost 7 years ago
Steffen Gates almost 7 years ago
Shane King almost 7 years ago
James Reid 7 years ago
Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (also known as Story of Ricky) (Chinese: 力王 Li Wang (Mandarin), Lik Wong (Guangzhou Hua), Strength King) is a 1991 Hong Kong martial arts film written and directed by Lam Nai-choi, and based on the Japanese manga Riki-Oh by Masahiko Takajo and Saruwatari Tetsuya. The film stars Fan Siu-wong, Fan Mei Sheng (Siu-wong's real life father), Ka-Kui Ho and Yukari Oshima. Fan Siu-wong plays Ricky Ho Lik Wong (Lik Wong is the character's given name, but the subtitles use the anglicized "Ricky") and Yukari Oshima as Yomi (Rogan in the English dub). The English title given on screen is simply Story of Ricky but later releases were sold under the title Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky. It had a limited theatrical release in the US around 1993. It is well-known for its extreme, brutal, and highly unrealistic violence, as well as its high camp factor and extremely poor English dubbing (although versions in Cantonese and Mandarin are also available). One scene, showing a...
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