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Vee Repo-Haalo 7 years ago
Beautiful! All around beautiful! Do yourself a favor and watch this movie.
Leif Jacobson 5 years ago
A beautifully animated film. Uses every tool at its disposal to tell a story well.
Nicolaus Miller over 5 years ago
Beautiful movie with an interesting story; I highly recommend it for at least visuals.
Sezgin Şahin over 6 years ago
amazing movie about the celtic epic "the book of kells", a must-see.
Ivan D'souza over 6 years ago
Beautiful folk tale with wonderful animation and score. A tale of hope & courage & love.
Michael Cole over 6 years ago
If you want a film filled whimsical characters and a fantastical world,try a Miyazaki film
Tanya over 6 years ago
Gorgeous. Take-your-breath-away-leave-you-gaping gorgeous.
Tiziana Ibba 7 years ago
I just love the animation style and the story is really original! A little treasure!
Neil Cooke 7 years ago
Utterly gorgeous animation! A feast for the eyes. Beautiful!
Dan Strong 7 years ago
The most beautiful film I have ever seen.
Rachel Trenaman over 7 years ago
The art and music were fantastic, but the story line and characters fell flat.
Kenneth Chisholm over 7 years ago
A wistful film full of stunning visuals to serve an entrancing story about literature.
Alex over 7 years ago
Love the art. Very similar to The Book of Kells that's in Trinity College Library, Dublin.
Randi Steers over 7 years ago
Such a unique, imaginative story. The characters are as fantastic and vibrant as the art.
Lillian Kirk over 7 years ago
Just stunning animation. I'm in awe every time.
Lynne Bieber over 7 years ago
We loved this movie!
Lydia LeVieux almost 8 years ago
Stunning animation. Watch this one in high def/big screen if you can!
Fernando Olivas almost 8 years ago
It's simply magical.
Rana Berden almost 8 years ago
one beetle recognizes another. una peli sobre un libro. divina!
Brad Cope almost 8 years ago
Beautifully amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Secret of Kells (working title: Brendan and the Secret of Kells) is a 2009 Irish-French-Belgian animated feature film by Cartoon Saloon that premiered on February 8, 2009, at the Berlin International Film Festival. It went into wide release in Belgium and France on February 11, and in the Republic of Ireland on March 3. On February 2, 2010, it was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. The story is set in the seventh century and gives a fictionalized account of the creation of the Book of Kells, an illuminated manuscript Gospel book in Latin. Abbot Cellach, obsessed with building a mighty wall to keep marauding Viking raiders from destroying the early-Christian Abbey of Kells, expects his young nephew Brendan to follow in his footsteps. Brendan has apprenticed in the scriptorium of the monastery and has heard the story of Aidan of Iona, a master illuminator who is working on the Book of Iona. Aidan later comes to the monastery, accompanied by his cat Pangur Bán....
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