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Michael Carlson over 7 years ago
Austin 6 years ago
Relentless and insane...
J.H. Howes over 6 years ago
Woo's, "The Killer," is over-the-top and relentlessly gruesome, yet somehow marvelous.
Don Lathrop 11 months ago
Michelle Roussell almost 2 years ago
Ryan over 4 years ago
Rosalio Galvan almost 5 years ago
Simon Taylor almost 5 years ago
frank mint 5 years ago
Ay Lin 5 years ago
derie keene shipmon almost 6 years ago
see 6 years ago
Rob over 6 years ago
Dominique Laurion over 6 years ago
Fox Maggot over 6 years ago
Dániel Rudolf over 7 years ago
Ciaran Bourke over 7 years ago
Jake Barlow over 7 years ago
Brooke Valletta over 7 years ago
The Killer (Chinese: 喋血雙雄; pinyin: Diéxuè shuāngxióng Jyutping: dip6 hyut3 soeng1 hung4) is a 1989 Hong Kong action crime film written and directed by John Woo and starring Chow Yun-fat, Danny Lee, and Sally Yeh. Chow plays the assassin Ah Jong, who accidentally damages the eyes of the singer Jennie (Sally Yeh) during a shootout. He later discovers that if Jennie does not have an expensive operation soon, she will go blind. To get the money for Jennie, Ah Jong decides to perform one last hit. Meanwhile, the police detective Li (Danny Lee) who has been tracking Ah Jong for a long time, is determined to bring him to justice. After the financial backing from Tsui Hark became problematic following the release of Woo's film A Better Tomorrow 2, Woo had to find backing through Chow Yun Fat and Danny Lee's financing companies. Woo went into filming The Killer with a rough draft whose plot was influenced by the films Le Samouraï, Mean Streets, and Narazumono. Woo desired to make a film about...
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