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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, welcome to Goodfilms. If you've got questions, we hope we've covered it below. If something is missing, or out of date, or you just want to share some feedback email us at help@goodfil.ms or shoot us a tweet on the Goodfilms twitter account and we'll get right on it.

So what is this site for?

Goodfilms is a site for you to rate, review, and share your movie experiences, and while doing so find new films (or rediscover old ones) for you to watch. We've built the site based around two fundamental ideas: that films are social, and that existing rating systems are broken.

Films are social.
The best way to find movies is through the people you know. We've designed Goodfilms from the ground up to show you what your existing friends are watching and rating, and to focus on showing you what the people around you think about films instead of a random grab bag of "internet voters" or highly specialised critics.

Existing rating systems are broken.
We've gone into this in a fair amount of detail in our blog post titled A Better Way to Rate Films and address it further down the page but here's the short version.

How many great films have you seen that you really wouldn't enjoy watching again? How many cheesy, great fun films have you watched over and over again but couldn't honestly call "great"? There's a lot of films that fall into those two categories that just can't be effectively rated with a singe one to five star (or thumbs, or popcorn buckets) rating. Our rating system allows you to rate for both of those qualities separately: critical quality and "rewatchability".

How does the rating system work?

For the really detailed run down on how our ratings work, and why we did them the way we did, we really recommend you read our blog post A Better Way to Rate Films. Essentially, we think there are two crucial factors in making a film watchable, and a film can score highly in either, or both of these categories. The first is the "critical quality", or how "good" a film is. This is a lot like what you'd expect to a normal film critic's rating to cover. The second is the "rewatchability" of a film, basically how much you'd enjoy sitting down to watch it again in the future.

The critical quality is measured using stars like: Single_star and the rewatchability using smiley faces like: Single_face When you're rating films just click somewhere along the 5 star/face ranges and we'll take care of the rest.

We could spend a bit longer talking about how the ratings hang together, and what the difference between a bad-fun movies, and a good-difficult film is, but it's much easier to just show you. Visit the Films page and click around the graph. Movies to the upper right are the "Good, Good" films, the upper left the "Enjoyably Bad", the lower right the "Difficult, Great" movies, and the lower left is what we call the "Zone of Crap".

I love it, how do I invite all my friends?

You just need to tell your friends to visit http://goodfil.ms and they can register from there. Otherwise, you can publish invites on Facebook or Twitter from our Invite Friends page.

If you're already friends with them on Facebook or Twitter, we'll automatically connect your Goodfilms accounts for you. You can also easily email an invite to a friend from the link up in the user profile section of the header (where your photo is).

If you want to stay up to date with what we're doing there are a few things you can do. We've got a Goodfilms Facebook page (which we'd love it if you came and liked it), a Goodfilms twitter account and finally we blog about a bunch of site related stuff at the Goodfilms blog.

Why is my favourite film missing (or have a weird poster)?

We currently import our film data from a collection of sources, our main ones being themoviedb.org, Wikipedia, and Freebase. Pulling in data from diverse sources is causing a few headaches and the occasional film gets missed. Please let us know via email at help@goodfil.ms with the film we're missing, and any links to it on The Movie DB, Wikipedia or IMDB that will help us track down its details. The Movie DB links are our preferences where possible.

So who's behind this?

Goodfilms was founded in 2011 by Glen Maddern and then joined in early 2012 by John Barton

Goodfilms was one of the first batch of startups accepted into the AngelCube program, a Melbourne based startup seed investment and accelerator program. At the conclusion of the program, Goodfilms closed a successful round of angel funding to further develop the product.

Now a days, Goodfil.ms is operated and run by the Gyde team, who have been continuing to build out and expand the site.

Are you hiring?

Occasionally! Have a look at our Jobs Page.

How do I remove my account?

You'll find a button to delete your account on your settings page. You can find a link under the "Me" menu up in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Removing your account does a full deletion of you all your data from our systems, so if you'd like to export your reviews before you go, email help@goodfil.ms and we can send you a copy.

Do you guys have a privacy policy?

Why yes, yes we do. You can find it here.