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Eric Brainard over 2 years ago
The movie that brought us the xenomorph. An amazing sci-fi horror classic.
Aaron Jones 3 years ago
I don't even usually like horror, but this blew me away.
Charlie Alcock over 3 years ago
Stunningly designed sci-fi horror perfection. A thing of beauty.
Noah Rymer almost 4 years ago
masterful direction, many have tried to copy it and all have failed.
Tony Gandía over 4 years ago
Claustrophobic, chilling, classic
Damian Campo over 4 years ago
Nice idea and development. Watching it nowadays can be disapointing because of the effects
Freddie Kay over 4 years ago
"Ridley has developed a complete anatomy and a life cycle around this creature"
Dónal Kennedy over 4 years ago
The performances and direction hold up forty years later, even if the scares seem tame.
Luis Daniel Rosales Alba almost 5 years ago
An intense atmosphere and an outstanding acting by Sigourney Weaver makes this film epic.
Jack Genius 5 years ago
Gabi Dincă over 5 years ago
the name says it all.
Joe Roberge over 5 years ago
A classic staple in the sci-fi horror genre. A survival thriller in all forms.
Drew K over 5 years ago
Ridley rocks
Christopher McLean over 5 years ago
I don't love it as much as others but it's still an entertaining, well paced, horror flick
James Wheeler almost 6 years ago
A Sci-fi horror classic. Chest-burstingly good!
Grace almost 6 years ago
I can see why it became a cult classic and spawned more. Simple, but plot interesting.
janvanham almost 6 years ago
The best in its genre. Very claustrofobic.
Melissa Høegh Marcher 6 years ago
I finally understand that Alien reference! Cool movie
ashley lee 6 years ago
Classic sci-fi horror? Yes, please.
Travis Landon Connell 6 years ago
Definitely my favorite movie, a sci-fi and horror masterpiece. I still get chills from it.
Alien is a 1979 science fiction horror film directed by Ridley Scott and starring Tom Skerritt, Sigourney Weaver, Veronica Cartwright, Harry Dean Stanton, John Hurt, Ian Holm and Yaphet Kotto. The film's title refers to its primary antagonist: a highly aggressive extraterrestrial creature which stalks and kills the crew of a spaceship. Dan O'Bannon wrote the screenplay from a story by him and Ronald Shusett, drawing influence from previous works of science fiction and horror. The film was produced through Brandywine Productions and distributed by 20th Century Fox, with producers David Giler and Walter Hill making significant revisions and additions to the script. The titular Alien and its accompanying elements were designed by Swiss surrealist artist H. R. Giger, while concept artists Ron Cobb and Chris Foss designed the human aspects of the film. Alien garnered both critical acclaim and box office success, receiving an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects, Saturn Awards for Best...
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