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Michelle Arostegui almost 3 years ago
Two guys strangle a schoolmate and then throw a party over his dead body...but get caught.
Aaron Jones over 3 years ago
Chilling thriller. Hitch attempted to make it look like it was all one take.
Leif Jacobson almost 5 years ago
Beautifully shot, intense performances, heavy subject matter. One of Hitchcock's finest.
Eduardo Clementino 5 years ago
One of my favorites Hitchcock's movies
Robert Stuart over 5 years ago
This film is not as well known as some of Hitchcock's canon, but I think it's great.
zorlack over 5 years ago
Stewart gets top billing but Rope is a tour de force for Dall's sociopath Philip.
Austin almost 6 years ago
Hitchcock's stylistic conceit never feels like a gimmick, and the film is always fun.
Mark Lechman 6 years ago
Hitchcock proves that a corpse, two sociopaths and One Awkward party gives great thriller
Jim Barton 7 years ago
Could be Hitchcock's most underrated movie. Not a lot of talk about this one. I love it!
Jonathan Gibson over 7 years ago
The conceit in general and John Dall's performance in particular are chillingly brilliant.
Robyn Hamilton almost 8 years ago
Memorable characters, remind me of a school friend or two (though mine are not psychotic)
Germán Sabina Serrat almost 8 years ago
Obra maestra
Paul McCamley 8 years ago
Real time murder mystery with wonderful performances and great editing.
Miranda Wright 9 months ago
Don Lathrop over 1 year ago
Michelle Roussell over 2 years ago
Nick over 2 years ago
Justinas Jarukaitis over 2 years ago
Scot Jon Con almost 3 years ago
Rope is a 1948 American thriller film based on the play Rope (1929) by Patrick Hamilton and adapted by Hume Cronyn (treatment) and Arthur Laurents, directed by Alfred Hitchcock and produced by Sidney Bernstein and Hitchcock as the first of their Transatlantic Pictures productions. Starring James Stewart, John Dall and Farley Granger, it is the first of Hitchcock's Technicolor films, and is notable for taking place in real time and being edited so as to appear as a single continuous shot through the use of long takes. The original play was said to be inspired by the real-life murder of 14-year-old Bobby Franks in 1924 by University of Chicago students Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb. On a late afternoon, two brilliant young aesthetes, Brandon Shaw (Dall) and Phillip Morgan (Granger), murder a former classmate, David Kentley (Dick Hogan), in their apartment. They commit the crime as an intellectual exercise: they want to prove their superiority by committing the "perfect murder". After...
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