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Amy Hendriks over 1 year ago
I like the way this is put together, to see how bad a lie/rumour can go.
Rachel Marshall over 1 year ago
A bit ridiculous but I found it very enjoyable to watch!
Sydney Stene over 2 years ago
Entertaining, Stone is as charming and funny as ever, sort of all over the place in plot.
Whitney almost 3 years ago
I know this is a comedy but it has some pretty relevant social commentary.
Julia G over 4 years ago
Grace over 4 years ago
Absolutely great acting and humor. Plot was meh.
Noah Rymer over 4 years ago
emma stone has a natural charisma, but nothing else is memorable about this.
Jennifer Pease over 4 years ago
6 years later I finally watch it, still wished i had seen it in theater but worth the wait
Christopher McLean 5 years ago
Very funny, well done, teen movie that pokes fun at all the conventions of that genera
Earnshaw Jean Louise over 5 years ago
Smart, funny, romantic, perfect.
Claire Pom over 5 years ago
Different from the other teen movies even if you still see the end coming.
Melissa Høegh Marcher over 5 years ago
Hilariously written.
Annika Løchte Taylor almost 6 years ago
I was told it would be hilarious and clever, but I kind of just found it mildly amusing.
Tony Gandía almost 6 years ago
Emma Stone. Emma Stone. Emma Stone. With "Easy A" a star is born.
Cille Thystrup 6 years ago
Fantasic message and outstanding acting!
ezhezh@gmail.com 6 years ago
Made me laugh. Easy A is an Easy watch.
Justin L. Clemons over 6 years ago
Great story. The moral is to not judge. Their business is their business.
Dominique Bosman over 6 years ago
Good film with a lot of humour! Great casting! Just one word: Brilliant!
Michael Cole over 6 years ago
Not funny enough to be memorable.
Abriel Horak over 6 years ago
Hilarious, and I love the family dynamic. Fantastic casting for the parents!
Easy A is a 2010 film directed by Will Gluck. "After a little white lie about losing her virginity gets out, a clean-cut high school girl (Emma Stone) sees her life paralleling Hester Prynne’s in The Scarlet Letter, which she is currently studying in school – until she decides to use the rumour mill to advance her social and financial standing." Quoting the program notes from the 2010 TIFF site.
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