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Sude 1 year ago
A heart-breaking life story. A life that you will never be able to go out; hellish!
Luciana Ducceschi over 1 year ago
It moved at a relatively fast pace. A lovely dramatic film with subtle sci fi elements
Matt Campbell almost 2 years ago
half a Black Mirror episode worth of stuff stretched to 2 hours
Emily Brown 3 years ago
Very interesting concept but found the delivery quite boring. Great acting, esp Mulligan.
Misty Mohr almost 5 years ago
Hated the book and the movie. The entire book should be ch. 1 of a more interesting book.
Ay Lin 5 years ago
Heart-gripping, and confronts you with the sad truth of being helpless in life and love.
Love. 5 years ago
Kind of interesting, totally depressing, not that good.
Abriel Jenshus over 5 years ago
kind of slow, but a heart-wrenching tragic romance
Steffi | ステフィー over 5 years ago
loved the book, so I was kinda disappointed after the movie.Important things were left out
Mihaela H. almost 6 years ago
A movie that can learn u about the things that really matters. :)
Cory Van Dorn almost 6 years ago
Was touching and had an engaging story. Unfortunately it was slow.
Carolina Fidalgo almost 6 years ago
The book is much better.
Alex Perez almost 6 years ago
One of the greatest love stories ever told.
morgan goldstein 6 years ago
It was so great but so unbelievably depressing.
Stefan Spieler 6 years ago
good! Secrets are kept its up to your imagination.
Mikey Rainn Novotny over 6 years ago
Can be lengthy ploddy at times but well worth investing in the characters
Sam Bell over 6 years ago
Beautiful soundtrack.
Joshua Trigg over 6 years ago
Good performances all round. Nice movie except extremely dark/ bleak.
Matthew Smith over 6 years ago
:-)'s only low because I would complete if I were to watch it again. Utterly heartbreaking
ibonjos almost 7 years ago
Adaptación de la novela de Kazuo Ishiguro. Buena película, mejor libro.
Never Let Me Go is a 2010 British dystopian drama film based on Kazuo Ishiguro's 2005 novel of the same name. The film was directed by Mark Romanek from a screenplay by Alex Garland. Never Let Me Go is set in an alternate history and centers on Kathy, Ruth and Tommy who are portrayed by Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley and Andrew Garfield respectively. The three, who become entangled in a love triangle, are scientific specimens created in a laboratory to provide their organs to severely ill patients. Principal photography began in April 2009 and lasted several weeks. The movie was filmed at various locations, including Andrew Melville Hall. Never Let Me Go was produced by DNA Films and Film4 on a $15 million budget. Prior to the book's publication, Garland had approached the film's producers—Andrew Macdonald and Andrew Reich—about a possible film, and wrote a 96-page script. The producers initially had trouble finding an actress to play Kathy; Mulligan was cast in the role after Peter...
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