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Ashleigh Louise Klaassen over 2 years ago
I was about ready to switch off and then Saoirse Ronan showed up and changed the game.
Davis Keck over 3 years ago
Less people died than I expected. But it felt like it was missing a good emotional core.
Brandon Keck almost 4 years ago
A well-rounded survival film. But, after a week I don't remember half of it.
Michael Cole almost 6 years ago
It's amazing watching these characters survive through such extremes.
Juss Saska over 6 years ago
extraordinary story
Ken Miguel-Cipriano over 6 years ago
Good all around.
Zach Sly over 6 years ago
A film filled with hope and promise, excellent actors, gorgeous scenery, sadly underrated.
Kosala Liyanage over 6 years ago
This movie is really good. Totally underated.
Umar Rafsanjani 7 years ago
A free man must watch movie !!
Nicola Possi over 7 years ago
una bella storia, un film onesto, una visione piacevole
Tim Jules Hull over 7 years ago
A stupendous and inspiring journey, beautifully carried out.
Martin Scully over 7 years ago
Jennifer Rolfe almost 8 years ago
Amr Adel 1 year ago
Justinas Jarukaitis over 2 years ago
Flo HM over 2 years ago
Victoria Roe over 2 years ago
Simon Taylor over 3 years ago
Fedor Indutny almost 4 years ago
The Way Back is a 2010 drama film about a group of prisoners who escape from a Siberian Gulag camp during World War II. The film is directed by Peter Weir from a screenplay also by Weir and Keith Clarke, inspired by The Long Walk (1955), a book by Sławomir Rawicz, a Polish POW in the Soviet Gulag. It stars Jim Sturgess as Janusz, Colin Farrell as Valka, Ed Harris as Mr. Smith, and Saoirse Ronan as Irena, with Alexandru Potocean as Tomasz, Sebastian Urzendowsky as Kazik, Gustaf Skarsgård as Voss, Dragoş Bucur as Zoran, and Mark Strong as Khabarov. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Makeup. Janusz (Jim Sturgess) is a Polish POW, who is being interrogated by a Soviet officer. Janusz refuses to admit his guilt. His wife, who has been tortured, is brought in to the room and forced to make a statement condemning Janusz. Janusz is sentenced to 20 years in the Gulag. At the camp in Siberia, Janusz meets Mr. Smith (Ed Harris), an American Metro engineer; an actor named Khabarov ...
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