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Danial Pearce 5 years ago
Pretty bad. Wanted to stop watching, but something kept me in. Wouldn't recommend.
Adam Meehan 5 years ago
Stupid film. Poor performances, likely because there was nothing to work with.
Mark Minnis almost 7 years ago
Slow, plot is character driven but you never get to know the characters enough to care meh
Daniel Keller over 3 years ago
Boris De Decker over 4 years ago
Alex Brosnahan almost 6 years ago
Emil Holm over 6 years ago
Rurik Karl Bjornsson almost 7 years ago
Nathan T. almost 7 years ago
Karel Van Parys almost 7 years ago
Alex Holroyd 7 years ago
Batmans wife over 7 years ago
13 is an English-language remake of the 2005 French film 13 Tzameti. The film is directed and written by Géla Babluani, who directed and wrote the original film. A trailer was released in August 2010. Vince Ferro overhears people talking about a dead man who was going to start a well-paid job. Ferro, in need of money, steals an envelope containing the instructions for the job. He arrives at an event in a secluded place. He is ordered to strip, and his boot heels are cut off, in order to check for surveillance equipment. The organizers accept him for the job instead of the dead man. The job is participation in a series of Russian roulette games. There are thirteen participants, identified by number. In each round, the participants have to spin the cylinder of their revolver, and shoot when the light of a special lightbulb is switched on. The event is organized for the enjoyment of rich spectators, who place bets on who will survive. In the first round, the participants each get one...
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