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Noah Rymer over 4 years ago
not even good for a dumb zombie movie.
Tony Gandía over 4 years ago
It's got nazis and zombies... lots of snow... lots of gore... quite droll.
Justin L. Clemons 6 years ago
Nazi Zombies. Outrageous. Ridiculous.
Gavin Klein over 6 years ago
A gory blood bath that was fun to watch
Anders Klingsheim over 6 years ago
One of the better zombie movies ever made! And the best nazi zombie movie!
Jan Wierzbowski over 6 years ago
One of the better horror comedies with some surprise hardcore first-aid.
Henke almost 7 years ago
Great Zombiemovie spoof
J M O 7 years ago
the jokes were better than the scares, decent splatter
Vee Repo-Haalo 7 years ago
The Norwegian 'Shaun of the Dead', very entertaining. And re-watchable.
Michael King over 7 years ago
Nazi Zombies. Fun to watch, but not as clever as other comedy horrors.
Truls over 7 years ago
Great zombie-splatter.
Anthony Kozlowski over 7 years ago
The best frozen-Nazi-zombie movie ever!
William Tebbenhoff over 7 years ago
Absolutely one of my favorite Zombie Films
Lauge Johnsen almost 8 years ago
A horror who makes fun of horror movies! I like it!
Diana Chilton almost 8 years ago
The best zombie movie ever!
Little B Anne almost 8 years ago
Killer Nazi Zombies! Blood! Zombies! Comedy! Chainsaws! I Loved Dead Snow!
Bobby Pack almost 8 years ago
nazi zombies!!! starts off slow but builds into one hell of a ride, plenty of gore
JustinMFnTime over 1 year ago
Courtney Bess over 2 years ago
Davide MrBlonde over 2 years ago
Dead Snow (Norwegian: Død snø) is a 2009 Norwegian horror film directed by Tommy Wirkola, starring Charlotte Frogner, Stig Frode Henriksen, Bjørn Sundquist, Ane Dahl Torp and Jenny Skavlan. A woman, Sara, (Ane Dahl Torp) is being chased through the snows of Norway. She is ultimately cornered and eaten by zombies in World War II Schutzstaffel (SS) uniforms. Seven students on Easter vacation arrive at a small cabin near Øksfjord. The cabin is owned by Sara, Vegard's (Lasse Valdal) girlfriend. The group begins to drink and party until a mysterious hiker (Bjørn Sundquist) arrives. He tells them the dark history of the region; during World War II, a force of Einsatzgruppe, led by Standartenführer Herzog (Ørjan Gamst), occupied the area. For three years the Nazis abused and tortured the local people. Near the end of the war, with Germany's defeat looming, the soldiers looted all the town's valuables. However, the citizens stage an uprising and ambushed the Nazis, killing many. The survivors...
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