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Eric Brainard 1 year ago
I like the visuals & acting. A book being the answer to man's survival is a cool idea. A+
VS over 1 year ago
Very good movie if you like apocalyptic scenarios. New and fresh idea :)
Nino D over 2 years ago
Good film, alot of action, interesting world and characters. Unnecessary twist but good.
Tony Gandía almost 5 years ago
"Eli" tries to be meaningful but is merely indulgent, unfulfilling and actually quite dumb
Ione over 5 years ago
Not a massive Apocalypse fan, but an interesting story and twist
Anders Klingsheim over 5 years ago
I got a b- movie vibe. But it was great. I love apocalypse movies :)
Faux Name over 5 years ago
Really cool film. Well put together apocalypse, beautiful story, easily top 5 from 2010.
Jordan Gibson over 5 years ago
Story progresses well, script is genius, cast is spot on, the twists are unmatched. 10/10.
Luis Uribe almost 6 years ago
the bible? come on!
Eric Widder almost 6 years ago
Just like the game Fall Out 3 except with Denzel and a Bible.
Lindy Oates almost 6 years ago
Good post apocalyptic movie. Great twist, stunning visuals.
Josh Steadman almost 6 years ago
A new staple of post-apocalyptic films. Solid performances, interesting plot, good action
Griffin Maurer 6 years ago
Though boring at times, The Book of Eli delivers on a dark atmosphere and solid acting.
Dara Kılıçoğlu 6 years ago
one of the post apocalyptic movies
Grant davies 6 years ago
Gareth Davies 6 years ago
Expected a whole lot more. Disappointing!
Matt M over 6 years ago
Currently my favorite movie. One of the best endings.
Kakra over 6 years ago
Guy Edwards almost 7 years ago
kinda waited for it to go somewhere....it didn't
jorge ochoa almost 7 years ago
The Book of Eli is a 2010 American post-apocalyptic action film directed by the Hughes brothers, written by Gary Whitta, and starring Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis, Ray Stevenson and Jennifer Beals. The story revolves around Eli, a nomad in a post-apocalyptic world, who is told by a voice to deliver his copy of a mysterious book to a safe location on the West Coast of the United States. The history of the post-war world is explained along the way as is the importance of Eli's task. Filming began in February 2009 and took place in New Mexico. The film was released for theaters in January 2010. Alcon Entertainment financed and co-produced the film with Silver Pictures, while it was distributed by Warner Bros. in the US, and international sales handled by Summit Entertainment. Thirty years after a nuclear apocalypse, Eli (Washington) travels on foot towards the west coast of the United States. Searching for a source of water, and after successfully fending off an ambush, he...
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