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Aaron Jones over 1 year ago
Thank goodness it was only thirty minutes..
Austin over 3 years ago
Though it's brief, this film accomplishes its goal. A brilliant documentary.
emilio murillo almost 4 years ago
Unique combination of Resnais's style, la nouvelle vague and the Holocaust. Heartbreaking.
Robyn Hamilton almost 7 years ago
30 mins of pure horrifying devastation. Most powerful film about the Holocaust ever made
Daniel Jones 7 years ago
Historically accurate documentary splicing great cinematography with the holocaust.
Lynn Hilditch over 7 years ago
Shocking, provocative, very strong Holocaust imagery but historically accurate.
Sam Bowman over 2 years ago
Justin Wagner over 2 years ago
Jonathan Evans almost 3 years ago
Sina Bakhshandeh almost 5 years ago
Nuno Soares over 5 years ago
Ale Márquez over 5 years ago
losine over 5 years ago
Amanda Allen 6 years ago
Jim Barton over 6 years ago
Henke over 6 years ago
Bryony Cameron over 7 years ago
Night and Fog (French: Nuit et brouillard) is a 1955 French documentary short film. Directed by Alain Resnais, it was made ten years after the liberation of Nazi concentration camps. The documentary features the abandoned grounds of Auschwitz and Majdanek while describing the lives of prisoners in the camps. Night and Fog was made in collaboration by two survivors of the Holocaust. The script was written by Jean Cayrol. The music of the soundtrack was composed by Hanns Eisler. Resnais was originally hesitant about making the film and refused the offer to make it until Cayrol was contracted to write the script. The film was shot entirely in the year 1955 and is composed of contemporary shots of the camps and stock footage. Resnais and Cayrol found the film very difficult to make due to its graphic nature and subject matter. The film faced difficulties with French censors unhappy with a shot of a French police officer in the film, and with the German embassy in France, which attempted...
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