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Eric Brainard 9 months ago
Beautiful. The movie is poetic asking deep questions. Ends for speculation. Cruel Mom.
Michael Cole over 2 years ago
Could have been interesting, but wasn't
Jorge almost 7 years ago
Good cast, bad movie. I thought it too open ended. Some scenes don't make sense..
Little B Anne 7 years ago
A very european approach to filmmaking. Leaves unanswered questions, but is enjoyable
Natalie Ricketts 10 months ago
Justinas Jarukaitis over 1 year ago
Courtney Bess almost 2 years ago
Kayley Sage 2 years ago
Scott Hume over 3 years ago
Victoria Roe over 4 years ago
Kari H 5 years ago
Alexis Kennedy almost 6 years ago
Zer0 Squared over 6 years ago
Luis Camarena almost 7 years ago
Joe Atamaniuk almost 7 years ago
Randy Dumont 7 years ago
Jake Barlow 7 years ago
Nathan T. 7 years ago
Josh Wiljanen 7 years ago
After.Life is a 2009 American horror film starring Liam Neeson, Christina Ricci and Justin Long, directed by Agnieszka Wójtowicz-Vosloo from her original screenplay. Middle school teacher, Anna Taylor (Christina Ricci), is unhappy with her life. She has a selfish, unloving mother, Beatrice (Celia Weston), and a boyfriend, Paul Coleman (Justin Long), who cannot seem to figure her out. A corpse is in the process of being prepared for a funeral; the man preparing the corpse speaks to it mysteriously, but cheerily. He takes a photo, and the scene fades. Anna is introduced along with Paul, as they finish having sex. She appears unaffected and cold, while he is frustrated with her lack of interest. Later, after school, a young boy she teaches, Jack (Chandler Canterbury), asks her as she is leaving to the funeral, if he could come along. He says his mother, who had neglected to pick him up from school, would not mind. Confused, she attempts to explain that funerals are a personal occasion....
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