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Eric Brainard over 1 year ago
It was a good space-horror/mystery. At this time I think it was like Event Horizon story.
Briar Dean Statham almost 6 years ago
Brilliant movie. Genuinely scary.
Josh Steadman almost 7 years ago
Overlooked sci-fi/horror. Tension is well-maintained throughout. Good but not my favorite.
Zach Sly over 7 years ago
It got a bit muddied at the end, but this movie was crazy good. Think Deadspace the movie.
Aaron Wallis over 7 years ago
Classic Sci-fi horror theme. Leave your brain at the door, sit back, and enjoy.
István Huszár over 7 years ago
Bit like Event Horizon. Ironically, it could've been better without the pandorum subplot.
Jaya Wardono almost 8 years ago
Another good sci-fi flick
Kris J Knight 8 years ago
interesting sci-fi movie with a good twist
Drew K 8 months ago
Brentt Nerves over 1 year ago
Sean Bullis almost 2 years ago
Mandy Allen almost 2 years ago
Ben Dauphinee 2 years ago
Wilma Monaghan over 2 years ago
Nathaniel Spencer almost 3 years ago
Justinas Jarukaitis almost 3 years ago
Ian S 3 years ago
Deanna Colt 4 years ago
Nicola Grosu over 4 years ago
Geoff Van Brunt over 4 years ago
Pandorum is a 2009 German-British science fiction thriller film written by Travis Milloy, directed by Christian Alvart and produced by Paul W.S. Anderson. The film stars Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster. Filming began in Berlin in August 2008. Pandorum was released on September 25, 2009 in the United States, and on October 2, 2009 in the UK. The film's title refers to the fictional psychological condition of astronauts who fly through deep space. Corporal Bower (Ben Foster) wakes up from hypersleep by a power surge to find himself alone, with no memory of who he is or what happened to the crew of the 60,000-passenger sleeper ship Elysium. Another power surge manages to awake Lieutenant Payton (Dennis Quaid) who is also suffering from amnesia. They are unable either to access the ship's bridge or to communicate with anyone else, including the three-man flight crew team they are supposed to relieve. With the ship wrecked by power surges from a failing reactor, Bower assumes he must be a...
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