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Dylan Clites over 7 years ago
I probably think this movie is funnier than it is, but I can quote the shit out of it.
Nicola Possi over 7 years ago
Nice little comedy, nothing special but funny and enjoyable.
JustinMFnTime over 1 year ago
Hiram Soto almost 2 years ago
Guy Meltzer 4 years ago
Jason Gilmore 4 years ago
Gregory Mueller almost 5 years ago
Lucy Avramova almost 5 years ago
Sasha 5 years ago
Rory Banks 5 years ago
Timothy Bishop almost 6 years ago
Jake Boone 6 years ago
Eric Ratzlaff 6 years ago
Collin J Reynolds over 6 years ago
Henke over 6 years ago
Becky over 6 years ago
Steven Watts almost 7 years ago
Omar Realdoe almost 7 years ago
Gilbert Durazo almost 7 years ago
Observe and Report is a 2009 American comedy film written and directed by Jody Hill, starring Seth Rogen, Anna Faris and Ray Liotta. An anonymous flasher exposes himself to shoppers in the Forest Ridge Mall parking lot. The head of mall security, Ronald "Ronnie" Barnhardt (Seth Rogen), makes it his mission to apprehend the offender. He is assisted by Charles (Jesse Plemons) and Dennis (Michael Peña), and the Yuen twins (John Yuan and Matthew Yuan), in his efforts. Ronnie's dream girl, Brandi (Anna Faris) who works a mall make-up counter, is flashed the next day, becoming distraught over the situation. Ronnie tries to comfort her until a police officer, Detective Harrison (Ray Liotta), arrives and takes over Ronnie's palliative role. Ronnie feels threatened by this and is upset that his boss allowed an outsider to infringe on his search for the offender. The criminal activity at the mall continues, as a masked person is seen robbing a shoe store, causing property damage. Detective...
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