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Luciana Ducceschi over 2 years ago
This film is worth watching for the gorgeous cinematography and set design alone.
Noah Rymer almost 5 years ago
so pretty, seriously one of the prettiest films ever!
Anastasia Loule over 5 years ago
Incredible costumes. The scenes are like paintings! Breathtaking!
antoshka over 5 years ago
excellent pictures!! loved the storyline!
Randi Steers 6 years ago
A lucid daydream. Beautifully narrated and imagined. Perfectly cast. Recommended for all.
coskun 7 years ago
just you re feeling like in a real dream, without any digital animation but better than it
Zach Sly 7 years ago
This film is like a dream painting...a paintsplosion of visual imagery. Very well crafted.
Alex Perez over 7 years ago
Tiziana Ibba over 7 years ago
I loved both atmosphere and acting! Also, great photography and story.
Cveti Kalcheva over 7 years ago
Rose over 7 years ago
Lowfill Tarmak over 7 years ago
beautiful photography and hilarious stories. I enjoyed it a lot.
John Barton over 7 years ago
One of the most "beautiful" movies I've ever seen.
Brian McCarten over 7 years ago
Very engaging and heartfelt with a powerful ending.
Alex Badyan over 7 years ago
One of the most touching and emotional films I've ever seen.
Jonathan Sundqvist over 7 years ago
Wonderfully surreal movie. It's a movie to watch and watch again.
Kakra over 7 years ago
8.5/10 I love the story-telling of the movie
Sinead Shahrzad almost 8 years ago
Absolutly amazing. I love how naturally they acted together, like it was unscripted!
Meg Barrett ☀ almost 8 years ago
good plot, beautiful cinematography, and it hit the feels in all the right places.
Justin David Henry almost 8 years ago
This is what film is for.
The Fall is a 2006 adventure fantasy film directed by Tarsem Singh, starring Lee Pace, Catinca Untaru, and Justine Waddell. It is based on the screenplay of the 1981 Bulgarian film Yo Ho Ho by Valeri Petrov. The film earned $3.2 million worldwide. The film was released to theaters in 2008. It should not be confused with another 2008 release of the same title, a legal drama by John Krueger. In 1920s Los Angeles, stuntman Roy Walker (Lee Pace) is in a hospital, bedridden and possibly paralyzed after a jump he took in his first film. A note blows in through his window and lands on his bed. The note is from Alexandria (Catinca Untaru), who is in the hospital recovering from a broken arm, which is in a stiff plaster cast. When Alexandra rushes in to take the note back, Roy tells her she is named after Alexander the Great, one of the greatest warriors of all time, and he begins to tell her a story about him. Alexandria is told she has to leave, but not before Roy promises to tell her an...
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