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Charlie Alcock over 4 years ago
A frustratingly slow start, but once it hits its stride it's stark and brutal
Damian Campo over 4 years ago
Shocking historical film about the situation of one man in a hunger strike, nice execution
Griffin Maurer almost 6 years ago
Fassbender holds up the film with a strong performance. Brutal and dark, though a bit slow
Jordan Feurstein almost 6 years ago
An amazing story that is difficult to watch, but extraordinary as well. Brilliant acting.
emilio murillo almost 6 years ago
Painful story with an amazingly aesthetic and extreme portrayal. MF is bleak and powerful
Mario Schievenini almost 6 years ago
Powerful, captivating, it goes deep down to the feelings.
Yigit Ata 6 years ago
One of the greatest films I've ever seen and I see this masterpiece 2 times in a year.
Austin over 6 years ago
This film is slow and experiential, although it's an extremely rewarding movie to finish.
Germán Sabina Serrat over 6 years ago
Película con notables cimas de talento y pretenciosos valles de aburrimiento.
K over 6 years ago
wish I could express my feelings for this movie.
Bis Lf almost 7 years ago
Durísima y bella, en todos los sentidos. Fassbender no es de este mundo.
Frankie Jackson almost 7 years ago
Beautifully filmed and acted, fairly heavy as subject matter suggests.
Justin Moy almost 7 years ago
Absolutely beautifully shot powerful film.
Nati Calles 7 years ago
Fierce and chilling story which freezes the blood. Magnificent Fassbender,true to the pain
Micah Stupak 7 years ago
Powerful in small doses. Would have been much better at an hour.
Benjamin Alfuken Day over 7 years ago
Brilliant film, hard to rewatch. Does this really belong in the "horror" section though?
Sinead Shahrzad over 7 years ago
Absolutley amazing. The acting is so incredible and so is the cinematography.
Dylan Clites over 7 years ago
Fassbender is great and McQueen is an inspired director, but this movie is hard to watch.
Neil Cooke over 7 years ago
Grimy, gritty & grim. Not nice, but real & confronting.
Simon Taylor over 2 years ago
Hunger is a 2008 film directed by Steve McQueen.
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