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Paolo Victor Maria Lunae over 4 years ago
The highest point of Eastwood's human and sensitive side.... then he did 4 steps back.
Jonathan Evans almost 5 years ago
More lighthearted than his others. He's a great actor, but jesus, his supporting kids? Urh
Leif Jacobson 5 years ago
It's kind of overrated and emotionally manipulative, but its funny and touching too.
Claire Pom almost 6 years ago
Everyone should watch this movie.
Lachie Munro 6 years ago
This is one for the history books. Clint does it again, in a different style. Must-watch!
Tony Gandía 6 years ago
A first-rate performance by Eastwood anchors a well-paced, engaging film.
Annika Løchte Taylor 6 years ago
Eastwood's one-face acting and single note grumpy voice simply didn't cut it for me.
Nick over 6 years ago
Racist old man learns to love...
Nicholas Higgins almost 7 years ago
one of my favorite movies. clint eastwood is such a badass!!!!! please make more
Robyn Hamilton almost 7 years ago
Felt like a movie from a different age, a more racist and stereotypical age.
charlotte green almost 7 years ago
Clint Eastwood...The man
Michael Cole almost 7 years ago
Completely surprised by how much I enjoyed this story of a racist with a heart of gold
Judith Schneider 7 years ago
Great film!
Josh Steadman 7 years ago
Incredibly well-done film, with some rough stuff, but a great story.
Grant davies over 7 years ago
Eastwood and his car. Loved it
Peter Renshaw over 7 years ago
Why didnt you call the police? Well you know I prayed for them to come but nobody answered
Kakra almost 8 years ago
Brendan Keevers almost 8 years ago
Eastwood is outstanding. Memorable, Touching & a bit of Dirty Harry in his 80's.
David Hernandez Gonzalez 8 years ago
Wonderful story
Nate McBean 8 years ago
Bad ass. You rated this 5 stars on 11/8/2009 (netflix)
Gran Torino is a 2008 American drama film directed by, produced by, and starring Clint Eastwood. The film marks Eastwood's return to a lead acting role after four years, his previous leading role having been in Million Dollar Baby, and Eastwood has stated that this is his final film as an actor. The film features a large Hmong American cast, as well as one of Eastwood's younger sons, Scott Eastwood, playing Trey. Eastwood's oldest son, Kyle Eastwood, provided the score. The film opened to theaters in a limited release in North America on December 12, 2008, and later to a worldwide release on January 9, 2009. The story follows Walt Kowalski, a recently widowed Korean War veteran who is alienated from his family and angry at the world. Walt's young Hmong neighbor, Thao, is pressured into trying to steal Walt's prized 1972 Ford Gran Torino by his cousin for his initiation into a gang. Walt then develops a relationship with the boy and his family. Gran Torino was a critical and commercial...
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