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Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia is a 2007 film about life in the Early Cretaceous, Patagonia. It features paleontologist Rodolfo Coria and his work, with Donald Sutherland acting as main narrator. The movie opens on a scene from approximately 65 million years ago, in the Late Cretaceous. The narrator explains that a massive comet will arrive to mark the end of dinosaurs, before taking us back to the Late Jurassic, circa 150 million years ago. From the announced end of the dinosaurs, this time travel serves the purpose of introducing us the biggest creatures to have ever lived on Earth. We are first introduced to the ocean life of the Late Jurassic period. The first of these is an ichthyosaur, a prehistoric creature resembling a dolphin, with several individuals shown hunting, before one is shown escaping from a Liopleurodon. The movie then takes us to the Early Cretaceous, approximately 80 million years ago. From this point on, the narrative alternatingly takes us between the work of...
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