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Amanda Mathews over 2 years ago
Good prequel to the series but not my favorite of the series.
Andrea Ortiz 6 years ago
Nate McBean over 6 years ago
Good trilogy. Decent finish. (3/11/2012)
Salena G over 6 years ago
Glad they did this back story for the series. I love Lycans!
Dylan Clites 7 years ago
The best of the Underworld movies, if only because they concentrate on the backstory.
Don Lathrop 4 months ago
Mandy Allen 5 months ago
LANX 9 months ago
Daniel Rouco over 1 year ago
Daniel Camacho over 1 year ago
Lauren Armstrong over 1 year ago
Flo HM almost 2 years ago
Nathaniel Spencer almost 2 years ago
Jonathan Casey Spencer almost 2 years ago
tal sheldon 2 years ago
Lowfill Tarmak over 2 years ago
Dan almost 3 years ago
Giuseppe Mangialardi almost 3 years ago
Deanna Colt 3 years ago
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is an American film released January 23, 2009. It is the third installment in the Underworld series, focusing primarily on the origins of some characters and the events leading to the Vampire-Lycan war.The film tells the story of blacksmith Lucian (Michael Sheen), who was the first werewolf able to take human form and to be called a Lycan. Viktor (Bill Nighy), the ruthless elder of the vampires, takes him home after killing his werewolf mother. Viktor envisions a race of werewolf slaves for his vampire clan that, conceivably, could keep guard during the daytime hours and toil for the vampires. As Lucian grows up at Viktor's home, his young daughter, Sonja (Rhona Mitra), develops an attraction to the young Lycan. Lucian becomes fond of Sonja as well.
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