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Davis Keck over 3 years ago
Risky, ambitious, but also hilarious. I think it's intentional? Can't believe this exists.
Paul Lanoue 4 years ago
Saw this in HS. uh, huh huh..naked girls, WOAH
Christophe Cheval over 4 years ago
under rated master piece
Kurtis Azoth 3 years ago
Deborah Peacock over 3 years ago
Mariana 4 years ago
Teppo Salminen over 4 years ago
Randy Dumont over 4 years ago
Visionkeeper12 over 6 years ago
Mike Faulkner over 6 years ago
Benson Edward Marks over 6 years ago
Michael Morris over 7 years ago
Quest for Fire (French: La Guerre du feu) is a 1981 film adaptation of the 1911 Belgian novel by J.-H. Rosny aîné (1856–1940). Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud and adapted by Gérard Brach, the film stars Everett McGill, Ron Perlman, Nameer El-Kadi, and Rae Dawn Chong. It won the Academy Award for Makeup. Michael D. Moore was the associate producer in charge of action & animal scenes. It is set in Paleolithic Europe, 80,000 years ago, its plot surrounding the struggle for control of fire by early humans. The film begins with a raid by the apelike Wagabu tribe on the Neanderthal Ulam tribe, who possess fire in the form of a carefully guarded small flame which they use to start larger bonfires. Obtained from a natural source, it must be fed constantly to keep it alive, for the Ulam do not know how to make their own fire. Driven out of their home after a bloody battle with the Wagabu, the surviving Ulam escape but are chased into a marsh by a pack of wolves. The Ulam fire tender escapes...
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