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Kayley Sage over 1 year ago
SO good! The story is easy enough to follow, and the visuals, dear GOD!
Fabiola Givens 5 years ago
I felt sick after this. Good job.
Nile Calhoun 6 years ago
A very interesting found footage movie, but it wasn't anything special.
Erik Kanada over 6 years ago
yeah, it's in spanish. But it's still amazing. Watch quarantine before this though. trust.
Ariel Flesler over 6 years ago
Scary as hell
Saška Svirac almost 7 years ago
ukenjala sam se
Shane McGlynn almost 7 years ago
Way way OTT on the panic/shouting. Lead was such a pain in the ass. Quite scary though.
Edgar Milari almost 7 years ago
A perfect example of the found-footage horror. Moves from tense to terrifying.
Andrew Bruno 7 years ago
This film is as brilliant as a horror film can be.
Meryovi over 7 years ago
Pretty scary indeed!
Luca Andreola over 7 years ago
scary as fuck
belinda thomas over 7 years ago
better than paranormal activity for sure, but still lame.
Ken Miguel-Cipriano over 7 years ago
great plot
Dylan Clites almost 8 years ago
One of the scariest films I've ever seen. Threw my phone across the room at one point.
Elliot Slade almost 8 years ago
Few films can put me on edge like this one
Jake Barlow 8 years ago
The only "zombie movie" that is genuinely frightening.
Jenny Forsyth 3 months ago
Mihaela H. over 2 years ago
Trisha over 2 years ago
Mariana almost 3 years ago
REC (stylised as [●REC]) is a 2007 Spanish horror film co-written and co-directed by Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza. The film was released in Spain in November 2007. Balaguero and Plaza previously directed the 2002 documentary OT, The Movie. REC was filmed using shaky camerawork. The film was remade, practically shot-for-shot, in the United States as the 2008 film Quarantine. A sequel, titled REC 2 was released in 2009, and two more films in the franchise are planned. REC follows a television reporter, Ángela Vidal, and her cameraman, Pablo, who are covering the night shift in one of Barcelona's local fire stations for the fictional documentary television series While You're Asleep. The firehouse receives a call about an old woman who is trapped in her apartment. When they arrive, Ángela and Pablo film the police breaking down the door. The woman becomes extraordinarily aggressive and bites a policeman. Meanwhile, the terrified residents gather in the entrance hall and look on as the...
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