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Steven almost 5 years ago
Would have been a great movie, if not for its ending.
Tony Gandía over 5 years ago
Erratic and sometimes illogical "Daybreakers" misses the mark.
Sinead Shahrzad almost 6 years ago
Very cool setting: vampires rule the world.
Dyah Agustine over 6 years ago
The premise is cool: vampires rule the earth.
Taysha Davis over 6 years ago
Not the typical vampire movie, and not very scary, but strong acting and great plot!
Griffin Maurer over 6 years ago
A vampire based society was unconvincing from the start. Bad acting, overly gory.
Monica Bergen over 6 years ago
Better than most vampire movies, but is so unfinished...
george butler almost 7 years ago
this is a darn good show
Chelsea Foreman almost 7 years ago
Fascinating take on vampires. Worth a watch just because of how creative. Intense
Murat Kabaracak almost 7 years ago
nice cheesy, futuristic vampire film,worth watching,superb post-production
Alexandre Brisson 7 years ago
I enjoyed this movie. It was somehow refreshing.
Kakra over 7 years ago
8/10 not bad
Michael Cole over 7 years ago
Very original idea in a genre that's been way overplayed recently.
Anthony Kozlowski over 7 years ago
A promising premise is poorly executed despite some moody, fitting visuals.
hosa 1 month ago
Jason Myers 10 months ago
Ahmed Mohamed 10 months ago
Don Lathrop 10 months ago
Daybreakers is a 2009 science-fiction horror film written and directed by Australian filmmakers Michael and Peter Spierig. The film takes place in 2019, where a plague has turned most of the planet's human population into vampires. A vampiric corporation sets out to capture and farm the remaining humans while researching a blood substitute. Lead vampire hematologist Edward Dalton's (Ethan Hawke) work is interrupted by human survivors led by former vampire "Elvis" (Willem Dafoe), who has a cure that can save the human species. Daybreakers premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and was released in the United Kingdom on 6 January 2010 and in North America on 8 January 2010. The film grossed over $US50 million and received a mixed to positive critical reception. In 2019, a plague has transformed 90% of the world's human population into vampires. As the vampires are incapable of aging or dying, but they are unprotected against the UV lights or the sunlight, which is why the...
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