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Anna over 4 years ago
Okay who didn't arm their spaceship? [Finland's representative slowly raises his hand]
Michael Cole almost 5 years ago
Not nearly as entertaining as the premise would have you believe.
OmarQadanأبو البِشْر almost 6 years ago
why not :)
Luis Uribe over 6 years ago
Anyone can make a movie. Can't wait for the second part
Kalel over 6 years ago
3 stars just for the balls out gumption of the plot. Why not.
Anders Sørby almost 7 years ago
Funny, well made and critical to society, but poor story flow and sometimes embarasing
Grant davies 7 years ago
daft but fun.
Sezgin Şahin 7 years ago
this movie is almost at a cult movie level. good references and great effects, a must see.
Robert Postill over 7 years ago
About as tacky as it gets, but unashamedly so.
Vee Repo-Haalo over 7 years ago
cmon Finland, I wanted you to make a good film and you failed.
Lucas Silva-Myles over 7 years ago
Badly lit - cardinal sin.
Daniel Jones almost 8 years ago
Has a lot of what I like in a film - Nazis, 1940s style serialization, etc. Fell short.
Henry Cropper 8 years ago
A hilarious commentary on politics...and natzies on the moon.. what more do you need.
Michael Grafl 8 years ago
Was expecting entertaining trash. Got self-righteous garbage instead.
Matt Rhoades 8 years ago
Idea had promise but nowhere near as funny as it needed to be.
Daniel Puglisi over 8 years ago
Idiotic story and boring
Fabio Vanegas over 8 years ago
A group of Nazis returning from space invade earth. Funny comedy
Tadas Tamošauskas over 8 years ago
Bevan Clark over 8 years ago
its low budget etc, but just a little too crap for me. maybe if u like eurovision?
Adam Neumann over 8 years ago
Space Nazis. Excellent low budget execution! Must watch!!!
Iron Sky is an upcoming Finnish science-fiction comedy film from the makers of the Star Wreck series Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning. The film is directed by Timo Vuorensola and produced by Tero Kaukomaa of Blind Spot Pictures production company. The film stars Udo Kier and Tilo Prückner. Samuli Torssonen, the creator of the Star Wreck series and the producer of Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning, is responsible for the computer generated effects of the film. The screenwriters aboard Iron Sky are the Finnish author Johanna Sinisalo and Michael Kalesniko (Howard Stern's Private Parts, How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog). The film is being created by Energia Productions, Blind Spot Pictures, New Holland Pictures and 27 Films production companies. The film is scheduled to be released on April 4, 2012. As a dark science fiction that plays with Finland's history of being oppressed by Sweden, Russia, and Nazi Germany, Iron Sky is a deliberate thematic throwback, a modern implementation of once...
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