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Yalini 11 months ago
My question is why didn't she learn Japanese?😂
Michael Cole almost 5 years ago
I like how she barely even tries to learn Japanese, even after living in Japan for a year.
Alison Cilia Werdmölder over 5 years ago
everyone is psycho in this movie.
Sabrina Longo over 3 years ago
Keegan almost 4 years ago
Lacey Shinn 4 years ago
Hanna Pietryka over 4 years ago
Inês over 4 years ago
Elizabeth over 4 years ago
lauren mcmannis almost 5 years ago
Matthew Kleiman over 5 years ago
Jim Lubin over 5 years ago
Aileen Davis over 5 years ago
Tiziana Ibba almost 6 years ago
Nicole 6 years ago
Anna Pei 6 years ago
Kimberly Hurlbut over 6 years ago
Helen Whitney Werle over 6 years ago
Anwen Butler over 6 years ago
The Ramen Girl is an American-Japanese movie starring Brittany Murphy about a girl who goes to Japan and decides to learn how to cook ramen. Abby (Brittany Murphy) is an American girl who goes to Tokyo to be with her boyfriend, Ethan. Ethan tells her that he has to go to Osaka on a business trip and may not be back for a while. Abby asks to go with him but Ethan refuses and breaks up with her. Abby goes to a ramen shop afterward, and the chef Maezumi (Toshiyuki Nishida) and his wife Reiko (Kimiko Yo) tell her that they are closed, but Abby doesn't understand them on account of her inability to speak Japanese. She starts to cry, so the chef communicates to her that she should sit down. He brings her a bowl of Ramen, and she loves it. A small distance away, she hallucinates that the lucky cat, known as the Maneki Neko, or Beckoning Cat, gestures to her to come over. She offers to pay for her meal, but the chef and his wife refuse. The next day, she comes back, and sits down at the...
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