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Brandy E over 1 year ago
Beautifully adorable. Saw the dubbed version.
Davis Keck 2 years ago
Beautifully animated, hilarious, weird, and touching. Everything you expect from Miyazaki.
Phetcharat over 2 years ago
Sophie Alvelda 3 years ago
Jenny almost 4 years ago
This is such a cute movie!
Freya almost 4 years ago
Haha so cute :D
Nicolaus Miller over 4 years ago
Cute Japanese take on Little Mermaid; Liam Neeson makes this even more awesome.
Matheus Yamashita Dos Santos over 4 years ago
Pretty cool.
Aleksandra Bajić almost 5 years ago
Heart-warming tale with some great metaphores,ending is predictible, but its ok :)
Joshua Lückers 5 years ago
A beautiful and cute movie!
William Fenton over 5 years ago
Very good but not great. A prosaic look at Japan, for Miyazaki.
Johnny Nys over 5 years ago
What a weird little movie. Modern fairy tale, I guess. Ponyo running on giant fish is cool
Robyn Hamilton over 5 years ago
More young kid friendly than Ghibli's otherwise whole family orientated fare.
Zach Sly almost 6 years ago
Not the best Ghibli production, but still thoroughly engaging. Similar in ways to Totoro.
Tijmen Raasveld 6 years ago
This movie is beautiful!
Agus Echagüe 6 years ago
I just cannot recommend this movie enough. PONYOOOOOO!!!!!
Nate McBean 6 years ago
Not my favorite Miyazaki but still fun. (9/7/2010)
Chelsea Foreman 6 years ago
The sweetest movie ever. Perfect kids movie.
Lucas Silva-Myles 6 years ago
Nice SG film, but ultimately too juvenile, with little plot/character dev. + to eng cast.
Guillaume Bws Rolin 6 years ago
So cute you can't hate it.
Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea is the 2008 animated film directed by Hayao Miyazaki.
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