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Sonja Osmanović over 7 years ago
Znam ga napamet
Olja 7 years ago
Tanja over 7 years ago
Tito and Me (Serbian: Тито и ја, Tito i ja) is a 1992 Yugoslavian comedy film by Serbian director Goran Marković. The film was made during one of the most difficult periods in the history of the Balkans. Its quirky humor has marked the beginning of the end for the country it celebrates and unmercifully criticizes at the same time. The movie is set in communist ruled Yugoslavia during 1950s. Zoran is a slightly overweight 10-year-old living in an overcrowded home that his parents share with his grandmother, and aunt and uncle. In the communist era of Yugoslavia, many homes were taken away from their owners in the Land Reform programs. Zoran's family is opposed to Tito's dictatorship while little Zoran sees Tito as his personal hero. He's learned in school that Tito is greatest man ever, and, for a child, this propaganda was very believable. Zoran will, during a field trip learn more about his hero (without meeting him, of course).
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