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Justin L. Clemons over 5 years ago
One of those horrible movie I will watch over and over again.
Ariel Flesler over 5 years ago
My role model
Grant davies over 5 years ago
Watched It twice!! WHY? The second time i thought it was way just very silly. 5/10
Henke over 5 years ago
..and you shouldnt see this movie
Carrie Scott 6 years ago
One of Adam's better bad movies.
Chelsea Foreman 6 years ago
Anna-Kathrin Person almost 7 years ago
Very annoying movie.
Sanjay Meghwal almost 7 years ago
VEry Fuuny movie
Shyamali Ghosh almost 7 years ago
Totally awful in every way, but somehow very funny.
Amr Adel almost 7 years ago
Dylan Clites almost 7 years ago
I'm going to go as far as to say that this is worse than Jack & Jill. Really not funny.
Oriatis Norai almost 7 years ago
While not perfect, it has some good jokes and hilarious moments.
Tristan Sternson over 7 years ago
Seeta Kaur Chamba over 7 years ago
Ok this movie is very cheesy i agree, but it made me laugh so much in few scenes
Sasha 10 months ago
India Glavey over 1 year ago
Juan Ignacio Sada over 1 year ago
Lauren Armstrong over 1 year ago
Matthew Turner over 1 year ago
annari over 1 year ago
You Don't Mess with the Zohan is a 2008 American comedy film directed by Dennis Dugan, written by Carlito Cabardo, and produced by and starring Adam Sandler. This is the fourth film which has starred Sandler and has been directed by Dugan. The film is about Zohan Dvir (Hebrew: זוהן דביר‎), an Israeli counter-terrorist army commando who fakes his own death in order to pursue his dream of becoming a hairstylist in New York City. The story was written by Adam Sandler, Judd Apatow, and Robert Smigel. It was released on June 6, 2008 in the US and on August 15, 2008 in the UK. Zohan Dvir (Adam Sandler) is a superhuman but kind-hearted Israeli counter terrorist and the finest and most respected soldier in the Israel Defense Forces. However, Zohan has become bored and sickened by the constant fighting, secretly dreaming of moving to the USA and becoming a hairdresser. Zohan goes on a mission to stop a Palestinian terrorist group being led by his personal arch-enemy, Fatoush "the Phantom"...
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