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Michael Cole 3 years ago
Well made, but it's message is nothing new.
Cynthia Vance over 5 years ago
Becky over 6 years ago
Katie 7 years ago
Sam Bowman 7 years ago
Nathan T. over 7 years ago
Devin Bruce almost 8 years ago
Stop-Loss is a 2008 American drama film directed by Kimberly Peirce and starring Ryan Phillippe, Channing Tatum, Abbie Cornish and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It was distributed by Paramount Pictures and produced by MTV Films. Army Staff Sergeant Brandon King (Ryan Phillippe) leads a squad stationed in Tikrit during the Iraq War. While on duty at a checkpoint, the squad hears gunshots, after which a car speeds past filled with insurgents, one of whom fires an AK-47 at them. King's men jump into their Humvees and follow the insurgents, following them into an alley. When the soldiers get out of their vehicles, the Iraqis shoot at them from rooftops. As the firefight ensues, an RPG is discharged, destroying one of the humvees, while killing three soldiers inside and wounding Pvt.Rodriguez. When King enters a house to help injured squad member Steve Shriver (Channing Tatum), he discovers that he had accidentally killed several Iraqi civilians by throwing a grenade. Upon returning to their Texas...
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