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Dónal Kennedy 5 years ago
Both a feel-good coming of age tale and disturbing social commentary.
Tyler Nicholson almost 6 years ago
I really didn't enjoy it that much. The series is great though.
Zach Sly almost 6 years ago
A heartwarmingly violent coming of age story that feels all too real at times.
Grant davies over 6 years ago
great British movie about coming of age.
Ben Emmel over 6 years ago
Stunning look at a boy growing up in Thatcher England. Awesome portrait of life back then.
Fernando Olivas over 6 years ago
I thought I was in for some mindless violence. Instead I got a heartwarming sunday film.
Ricky Bobby almost 7 years ago
Charlie Alcock almost 7 years ago
I love this film to pieces.
Tim Jules Hull almost 7 years ago
That was England. Precisely how I remember it at that time.
David 7 years ago
This IS England!
Peter Renshaw 7 years ago
Watch start for 45 Royal Marine Commando, Cpl Peter Robinson & flag http://bit.ly/VA3vHS
Flavio Marino over 7 years ago
A piece of Story
Martin Scully over 7 years ago
Incredible movia, AWESOME!
Matteo Satta over 1 year ago
Herbe Astrale over 1 year ago
Itzel Amieva 2 years ago
Güner Durmaz over 2 years ago
Juan Cruz Aramayona over 2 years ago
Emily Howard-Kishi almost 3 years ago
清子 3 years ago
This Is England is a 2006 British drama film written and directed by Shane Meadows. The story centres on young skinheads in England in 1983. The film illustrates how their subculture, which has its roots in 1960s black culture, especially ska, soul and reggae music, became adopted by white nationalists, which led to divisions within the skinhead scene. In 2010 a spin-off series set three years after the film, This Is England '86, was shown on Channel 4. Shaun (Thomas Turgoose), a 12 year-old schoolboy, gets into a fight at school after someone makes an offensive joke about his father, who died in the Falklands War. On his way home Shaun runs into a group of young skinheads led by Woody (Joe Gilgun), who feels sympathy for Shaun and invites him to join the group. They accept Shaun as a member and he finds a big brother in Woody, while developing a romance with Smell (Rosamund Hanson), an older girl who dresses in a punky new wave style. Combo (Stephen Graham), an older skinhead,...
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