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Home Movies is a 1980 independent film directed by Brian De Palma and starring Kirk Douglas, Nancy Allen, Vincent Gardenia, Keith Gordon, Theresa Saldana, and Gerrit Graham. From the opening credits caricaturing the cast to Nancy Allen's emotional crescendo with her hand up a puppet-bunny's hindquarters, Home Movies is an unashamed farce, though the comedy is tinged by De Palma's obsessions; the narrative is continually recorded, and every character is defined by his or her relationship to the lenses. The hilariously dysfunctional Byrd clan is the main subject: Young Denis (Keith Gordon) is saddled with a philandering father (Vincent Gardenia), a self-pitying mother (Mary Davenport), and a brawny older brother (Gerrit Graham), to say nothing of a lingering feeling of being "an extra in his own life." Personal growth -- and love, embodied by Allen as Graham's ex-fiancée -- hinges on being able to master the ongoing mise-en-scène that is life, a task as perilous to the hapless Byrd...
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