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Kenneth Graham almost 8 years ago
Rufus_12 over 8 years ago
I Think I Love My Wife is a romantic comedy-drama 2007 film directed by and starring Chris Rock and Kerry Washington. Rock co-wrote (with Louis C.K.) and produced the film. It is a remake of the 1972 French film, Chloe in the Afternoon by Éric Rohmer. Richard Cooper (Chris Rock) is a happily married man, professionally successful, perfectly content with his home life, his lovely wife Brenda (Gina Torres), and his two young children. There is one problem in his marriage, their sex life has stagnated, leaving Richard frustrated and sex-starved. At one point Brenda accuses Richard of being on the down-low. During those dull days at the office, he occasionally fantasizes about other women, but never acts upon the impulses. He is best friends with coworker George Franco (Steve Buscemi). An encounter with the sultry Nikki (Kerry Washington) suddenly casts doubt over his typically resilient self-control. At first she claims to just want to be his friend, but she begins to show up...
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