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Sohom Chakrabarty over 3 years ago
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Sina Bakhshandeh over 5 years ago
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Diana Leandro almost 9 years ago
The Phantom of Liberty (French: Le Fantôme de la liberté) is a 1974 film by Luis Buñuel, produced by Serge Silberman and starring Adriana Asti, Julien Bertheau and Jean-Claude Brialy. The opening scene is inspired in "The Kiss", a short story by Spanish post-romanticist writer Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer. Toledo, 1808. The city has been occupied by French Napoleonic troops. A firing squad executes a small group of Spanish rebels who cry out "Long live chains!" or "Death to the gabachos!" -a Spanish pejorative term for "Frenchmen"-. The troops are encamped in a Catholic church which they desecrate by drinking, singing, and eating the communion wafers. The captain caresses a statue of Doña Elvira de Castañeda and is knocked unconscious by the statue of her husband, Don Pedro López de Ayala. In revenge, the captain exhumes Doña Elvira's body to find her face has not decomposed; there is a suggestion of intended necrophilia. Cut to the present day where a nanny is reading the voice-over from a...
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