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Alejandro Betancourt almost 5 years ago
Nice film showing our world from the eyes of the perfectly interpreted Jeliza Rose
Guy Meltzer over 5 years ago
really disturbing underappriciated movie about a girl living in a fantasy when left alone.
Sarah Ward almost 6 years ago
Jodelle Ferland shines in a murky, ponderous script. Terry Gilliam's intro is cuckoo.
James Van over 7 years ago
Magical in a frightening kind of way. "Alice in Wonderland" as written by Norman Bates.
ROSS EME GE 8 years ago
Brilliant and bizarre
Anna-Kathrin Person over 8 years ago
Deserves much more recognition. Surreal and dreamlike.
Vón Sadurní almost 3 years ago
Courtney Bess over 3 years ago
Annalisa Schettino almost 4 years ago
mariia over 4 years ago
Diane Moolhuijsen over 5 years ago
Nicole McKeon 6 years ago
Katie T over 6 years ago
Dan over 6 years ago
Abriel Horak 7 years ago
gesine 7 years ago
torlakur over 7 years ago
Jazmine Elizabeth over 7 years ago
Damla Erbahan over 7 years ago
Tideland is a 2005 British-Canadian fantasy thriller film co-written and directed by Terry Gilliam, an adaptation of Mitch Cullin's novel of the same name. The film was shot in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, and surrounding area in the fall and winter of 2004. The world premiere was at the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival, where the film was met with mixed response from both viewers and critics. After little interest from U.S. distributors, THINKFilm picked the film up for a U.S. release date in October 2006. The film's title appears in dialogue written by Gilliam and co-writer Tony Grisoni in which Noah (Jeff Bridges) says, "Daddy's gonna stroll down that far subterranean shore, all littered with the flotsam of hopes and dreams. Relics of ancient times. Lonely cenotaphs. Standing along that melancholy tideland." In Cullin's novel, however, there is no such dialogue from the character of Noah, and the only mention of the book's title comes at the end of Chapter 21, last...
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