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Alejandro Betancourt almost 5 years ago
|Interesting slow story in the hard times of Berlin.
Noah Rymer 5 years ago
slow to start but it has one of the best endings ever!
Emma Flaherty 5 years ago
An engrossing look at what life in the GDR was like with fascinating characters.
Tony Gandía over 5 years ago
German spy chiller goes beyond conventions to deliver thrills
Leif Jacobson almost 6 years ago
Brilliant and haunting, this film examines a less known but no less dark part of history.
Alejandro Cisneros Delevaux over 6 years ago
One of the best movies i've ever seen. Incredible performances and amazing story. 5 stars.
Ryan Boucher over 6 years ago
Kaushalya Madhawa over 6 years ago
Brilliant performance with a brilliant script
see almost 7 years ago
great movie with a great script, great performance, great screenplay with a great feel
Gabrijela Galic over 7 years ago
One of the best movies I have ever seen.
Robyn Hamilton almost 8 years ago
Engaging but pretty sentimental.
Aaron Jones almost 8 years ago
Interesting historical drama. Good ending.
Eric Lameijn 8 years ago
Interesting movie of great quality!
Ieuan Francis 8 years ago
Deeply powerful and moving, with very strong performances to a well written script.
Nate McBean over 8 years ago
A great german movie. You rated this 4 stars on 7/11/2009 (netflix)
Maggie Triantafillou over 8 years ago
A brilliant film that gives tremendous insight into the Stasi police and life in the GDR.
Dan Kearns over 8 years ago
From original 10s list
Daniel McCoy over 2 years ago
The Lives of Others (German: Das Leben der Anderen) is a 2006 German drama film, marking the feature film debut of filmmaker Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. The film involves the monitoring of the cultural scene of East Berlin by agents of the Stasi, the GDR's secret police. It stars Ulrich Mühe as Stasi Captain Gerd Wiesler, Ulrich Tukur as his boss Anton Grubitz, Sebastian Koch as the playwright Georg Dreyman, and Martina Gedeck as Dreyman's lover, a prominent actress named Christa-Maria Sieland. The film was released in Germany on 23 March 2006. At the same time, the screenplay was published by Suhrkamp Verlag. The Lives of Others won the 2006 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. The film had earlier won seven Deutscher Filmpreis awards – including best film, best director, best screenplay, best actor, and best supporting actor – after having set a new record with 11 nominations. It was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 64th Golden Globe Awards. The Lives...
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