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Dónal Kennedy 5 years ago
Conceptually robust eco-yarn with snappy storytelling and a style of its own.
jiji kirilova over 5 years ago
so new and crazy. you would never think of such a thing, it is just a new world you enter.
John Alexander Murillo Fonseca almost 7 years ago
Lousy Plot but Nice animation,
Lu mar over 7 years ago
a strong film you will enjoy it!
Cristian Racca Hug 8 years ago
Stromg plot, wonderfull scenaries and characters. Definitly a must!
Steffi | ステフィー 8 years ago
loved the Kokia music and the animation. But how mentioned before, weak plot, boring.
Michael Cole over 8 years ago
Surprised by how much I enjoyed both the story and action. Recommend for any anime fan.
Sean McIntyre over 8 years ago
good movie. some really great animation. the plot is weak. the characters are empty
Tri Minh Nguyen over 8 years ago
Just beautiful!
Brandyn Turner over 1 year ago
Brie over 4 years ago
We's Kbul almost 6 years ago
Bart Fromm over 6 years ago
Manu over 6 years ago
Dan over 6 years ago
Aaron Ocker almost 7 years ago
Taz Malik almost 7 years ago
Amy Mathewson almost 7 years ago
Brittany Cox almost 7 years ago
Origin: Spirits of the Past, originally released in Japan as Gin-iro no kami no Agito (銀色の髪のアギト, lit. Agito the Silver-Haired God), is an anime film produced by Gonzo. It premiered in Japan on January 7, 2006, and premiered in the United States on September 24, 2006 at the Fantastic Fest film festival in Austin, Texas. Origin: Spirits of the Past is the story of Agito, a young boy living in a dystopian Japan set 300 years in the future. This apocalypse was brought about by extensive genetic engineering on trees, conducted at a research facility on Earth's moon, in order to produce trees capable of growing in harsh, arid conditions. The trees became conscious and spread to Earth in a fiery holocaust, wiping out most of modern civilization and fragmenting the moon. Agito's world is covered mostly by the Forest, a huge expanse of living trees, ruled by the tree-like Zruids, which now inhabit the earth and control the water supply of both trees and humans. Agito and his father Agashi, as...
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