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Eric Brainard over 1 year ago
Amazing adult anime. Bloody violence, gore galore, not overly weird like the kids shows.
tiailds almost 7 years ago
I know it's bad and dated, but with the nostalgia, that's what makes it great to watch.
Dorian Silenus over 7 years ago
Absolutely beautiful.
Mandy Allen over 1 year ago
Jake Boone 2 years ago
Ian S 3 years ago
Iulia M 3 years ago
Justin Grimes 4 years ago
Bloc Silent over 4 years ago
Noah Rymer over 4 years ago
Clair over 5 years ago
Nicolaus Miller over 5 years ago
Bradley Benskin almost 6 years ago
BO Meeks over 6 years ago
R B over 6 years ago
Vampire Hunter D (吸血鬼(バンパイア)ハンターD Vampaia hantā D) - one of the first anime films released outside of Japan, remains a cult classic in the English-speaking world. Billed by the Japanese producers as a "dark future science-fiction romance", Vampire Hunter D is set in the year 12,090 AD, in a post-nuclear holocaust world where a vampiric Nobility terrorizes human peasants. While walking her guard rounds in the country, 17 year old Doris Lang, daughter of a deceased werewolf hunter, is attacked by Count Magnus Lee, the 10,000 year old, long-lost vampire lord. Magnus intends to make Doris his new zombie vampire bride. Doris later encounters a mysterious horseman, D (the first wandering hunter she has been unable to defeat), whom she hires to protect her from the vampires. The young hunter becomes a pawn in a conflict between Count Lee, his daughter Lamica and the mutant servant Rei Ginsei. Greco Rohman, the mayor's son, also wants the feisty Doris for himself. When Doris is kidnapped by...
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