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Davis Keck 3 years ago
Wow this film is bad. As a kid I guess I was blinded by the dinosaurs.
Randi Steers over 5 years ago
Proving great animation is not exclusive to Disney, 'We're Back' is a timeless classic.
Jessica Gross over 1 year ago
Nathaniel Spencer over 1 year ago
Anteater almost 2 years ago
Bethany Foster almost 2 years ago
Deanna Colt almost 3 years ago
Kaell Steers 3 years ago
Ryan Thomas 3 years ago
Victoria Roe 3 years ago
Nicole McKeon over 4 years ago
Lacey Shinn over 4 years ago
Sanne Duboisdenevele almost 5 years ago
Brandon Porter over 5 years ago
Marissa Chang over 5 years ago
Nicole Johnson almost 6 years ago
bethswald 6 years ago
We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story (Also known as: Dinosaur's March in Japan) is a 1993 American animated film, produced by Steven Spielberg's Amblimation animation studio, distributed by Universal Pictures, and originally released to theaters on November 24, 1993 for the United States. It was rated G by the MPAA. Starring the voice talents of John Goodman, Jay Leno, Walter Cronkite, Julia Child, and Martin Short. This film is similar to The Land Before Time. It was based on the 1987 Hudson Talbott children's book We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story, which was narrated from the perspective of the main character, a Tyrannosaurus rex named Rex. The film opens with a trio of arrogant young bluebirds harassing their youngest sibling Buster (Blaze Berdahl). As Buster leaves his family, he meets an intelligent golf-playing orange Tyrannosaurus Rex named Rex (John Goodman). Rex explains to Buster that he was once a "violent and stupid" dinosaur, and proceeds to tell the story of how he came to become...
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